Hello Visitor!

I’m Helen and i’ve created this website out of a recent transition I have personally had from the rat race to working full-time on the internet. I’ve previously worked in traditional office jobs for over ten years but realised that I was trading my valuable time for money and was selling myself short. I stumbled onto the realisation that the internet provides massive opportunity for online business and entrepreneurship. Soon after finding out about this I launched my first internet business venture. Fast forward three years and i’m now generating six figures working from anywhere, as long as I have my laptop and an internet connection!

Don’t get me wrong. I failed many many times on my quest for self-reliance online but I eventually learned the marketing skills that now allow me to live a wonderful lifestyle. I’ve been lucky enough to leverage the awesome power of Facebook to build some of my niche businesses. The success I’ve had with this social media platform has been staggering. So much so that I’ve decided to dedicate a whole blog to helping other people achieve similar results!

I will be sharing some of my best Facebook marketing techniques on this blog, ranging from a lot of the basic stuff to the more nitty, gritty advanced strategies that I have been implementing.

Facebook is a fantastic platform to market any business. With more people on Facebook than any other social network you basically have a platform that has every single type of target market you can imagine. There are over 1 billion Facebook profiles in existence. There are also a plethora of ways you can advertise on this platform. I will be going through the things that have worked for me as well as the things I have failed miserably at!

The most important message that I want to get across is that there really is no secret sauce to making money online. You just need to be smart with what you’re doing. Learn the skills and implement the training you’ve received. Fail forward and don’t give up. Eventually you will see success.