Affiliate Marketing And Facebook Ads

affiliate marketing and facebook ads

Affiliate marketing is one of many fantastic online business ideas for beginners. If your small business has an affiliate program it could be a good idea to recommend your affiliates to use Facebook as a marketing platform. Some of the top affiliate programs are getting their affiliate’s to advertise on Facebook, and they’re seeing some fantastic results.  High paying affiliate programs are perfect for affiliate’s to promote on through Facebook ads as the ROI is much higher compared to a typical affiliate product. If your company offers high priced products and/or services, Facebook could be a fantastic option for your affiliates to promote. If your company is new to the concept of affiliate marketing, it is a fantastic business model that you can implement that can substantially grow your business in a short space of time.

We even have affiliate marketing for beauty bloggers! There's honestly no end to the number of topics affiliate marketing can be applied to.

The Facebook Advertising Platform

facebook advertising platform

Facebook’s advertising platform is still in its infancy, compared to the likes of Google Adwords and other platforms that have been around for a while. The upside to this is that Facebook can yield some insane ROI for your campaigns, if done correctly. Facebook has various ways of charging you for your ads, the most popular of which is the CPM model. With the CPM model, Facebook charges for impressions and automatically optimises the targeting for people who are most likely to click onto your advert. This can be a very powerful form of advertising if you get your targeting right, the key thing here is finding the correct people to target, people that want exactly what you have to offer. The downside to the CPM model is that it if you don’t get your targeting right, you can end up paying for no results.

The Cost Per Click Payment Model

The most common payment model for online advertising is the Cost-Per-Click model. Facebook stands out because it allows you to choose the model that suits you best and customise each one to your own preferences. The ability to target certain types of people on Facebook is another reason why this platform so powerful. The way you can customise your demographic is truly unlike anything else out there. You can target people based on location, age, marital status, financial situation, behavioural patterns, job, industry, pages liked and the list goes on. You can even narrow down your targeting by setting additional demographic parameters to really laser target a certain type of person. With these kind of strategies available, you really minimise the problem you have on other platforms which is showing ads to people that aren’t interested in your product. This makes you marketing more efficient, cost-effective and allows it to yield better returns on your marketing investment.

If your business operates an affiliate program, I would highly recommend getting your affiliates to start using Facebook to market your product and or services. It is something you should also consider to marketing your business directly. Create a business page, post some compelling content, fill out your profile in full and start providing value. You’ll find that you will start getting likes and growing your brands reputation in a relatively short space of time.


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