7 Tips For Success With Facebook Mobile Advertising

how to succeed with facebook mobile ads

You have made the decision to use Facebook as a mobile advertising tool. Smart choice! Your business can experience multiple advantages because of this decision. Optimal benefits can be obtained by knowing how to effectively use mobile advertisement with Facebook. Some people may not know how to use mobile advertisement at all, especially when social media is involved. If you fall into this group, don’t stress! Take a look at the following seven tips to help you successfully use Facebook for mobile advertisement.

1. Start with Likes

If you are new to Facebook advertising, start by focusing on getting people to like your page. Building an audience promotes popularity and encourages more people to follow you. Also, followers can share your posts; which is freely advertising to people you may not have reached out to before. This domino effect begins with a like.

2. Understand Conversions Caused by Mobile Advertisement

In reality, direct sales do not come from mobile advertisement. Not unless the advertisement takes the customer to a mobile site. However, mobile ads assist in raising awareness for your business that commonly converts to sales on your desktop site. Facebook is able to track view-through and click-based conversions. This can help you pinpoint successful marketing and advertising techniques.

3.  Establish Goals

Do not make the mistake of beginning Facebook mobile advertisements with the only thought of simply advertising differently in mind. Audience engagement, page visits, post likes and more all have their own metric measuring. Set goals so you know where you want to put your focus in and build up on your advertising strategy.

4. Compare Ad Types

All around, Facebook ads are fairly cheap. However, the prices do vary depending on the type of ad you would like. Ad types differ between desktop and mobile versions. Mobile ads consist of placement in mobile news feeds and mobile apps. It is also important to take into consideration which advertisement works best click-wise too.

5. Put Time in Content

Mobile advertisement makes what you have to put out the first thing people see when they browse through Facebook. Therefore, your advertisement is the first impression the audience will have of your business. Do not think of it as solely an additional traffic source. Make it count! Good content in your advertising messages can make or break your traffic flow.

6. Consistently Post Your Status and Advertisement

Over-populated newsfeeds make it very easy for your audience to miss your posts and advertisements. However, frequent posts that are evenly spaced throughout the day make it easier for your audience to be exposed to at least one of the posts. However, don’t forget to have quality posts by putting time into the content.

7. Consider Sponsored Stories

If someone interacts with your page, posts or “stories” are created to allow the friends of the person to see the interaction in their newsfeed. However, the story usually gets buried in the constantly updating newsfeed. Paying for sponsored stories as an add-on increases the chances the story will be seen in the newsfeed by friends. This can be very helpful to raising awareness for your business!

Don’t Miss Out

Mobile advertisement is an effective strategy for businesses. A useful social media for beginning mobile advertisement is Facebook. Even if you do not have much knowledge using mobile advertisement, or using Facebook as a platform for it, you can still successfully do it by following the previous seven tips. Do not let insecurity stop your business from reaching its full potential in the advertising world!

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