5 Benefits Of Mobile Advertising With Facebook

five benefits of facebook mobile ads

Mobile advertising has become a growing, popular strategy for business advertisement. Is it surprising? Advertising with a mobile tool supplies businesses with big advantages needed for promotion and sales. The increased popularity created an influx of available social media to use as a tool. One social media entity used for advertising is Facebook. Facebook’s mobile advertising platform is in high demand because of the five major benefits it offers to businesses.

1. Audience targeting precision

Mobile marketing with Facebook opens a big door for audience targeting that enhances your advertisement’s efficiency! Flyer and email marketing have traditionally been big marketing tools to reach a large audience. The problem with this strategy is that time and resources are spent reaching an audience who does not have an interest in your business. When using Facebook for mobile marketing, customer relationship management (CRM) data is assisted with Facebook’s data for the creation of look-alike audiences. This means your advertisement will be targeted to a new audience that is similar to your current clients. A feature contributing to this is first-party data, available by Facebook.

2. Increased traffic flow

Facebook holds a massive audience pool that continues to grow. For example, mobile Facebook users are approximately 1.57 billion strong. That is over a billion people who can potentially see your advertisement! Not only are the numbers impressive but your mobile marketing strategy is stretched to reach people all over the world. This enables your business to experience the benefits of network expansion. Global networking combined and fortified with heightened traffic flow will plausibly increase profits!

3. Analytical support

Other social metrics do not make seeing your conversion rate, or other reports, easy like Facebook. Managing a Facebook page provides up-to-date metrics conveniently and quickly. All you need to do is click on the insights tab and formulate your own analysis! Facebook insights will provide information like audience demography, engagement and performance metrics, weekly reach, and highest performing posts. This kind of information can help you adjust advertisement, measure competition and more. All of this information does take Facebook’s mobile audience into account. Therefore, mobile advertising with Facebook will contribute to analytical analysis meant to ultimately lead to higher sales.

4. Business awareness improvement

Most of your business advertisement will appear in the newsfeed of Facebook users. Meaning, your audience base will be exposed multiply to your advertisement while checking their Facebook throughout the day. Continuous visibility serves as a promotional reminder to customers, targeting opportunity, trust building, and network promotion.

5. Additional advantages

Facebook is also able to provide other additional advantages experienced with mobile marketing. For example, advertising is immediate as creation and execution of mobile campaigns are deliverable within seconds. Reducing campaign resources like paper advertisement or text messaging fees saves on advertisement costs. Information can be reached by the audience wherever they are. Finally, with the help of Facebook improvements, advertising impact and interactivity are refined with new and innovative forms of strategic advertising.

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