How To Increase Organic Traffic On Facebook

how to increase organic traffic on facebook

When it comes to the business side of Facebook. There are two forms of traffic that you can attract to your business page or website. First off we have organic traffic. This is traffic that you get from the people that already like your page. People who find you through suggested pages and people related to the people who already like your page. The paid advertising side is a way to target certain demographics of people with different types of ads (based on your preference). Paid advertising on Facebook can be a great way to quickly increase brand awareness as you can laser target groups of people based on the pages they like (among other ways) and serve impressions to these people to get your message out there. We wont go into more detail on the paid advertising side of Facebook on this post as this is specifically dedicated to Organic methods of increasing your Facebook traffic.

Three quick ways you can boost your organic traffic and engagement on Facebook:

  1. Create a group with your most engaged audience – The way the Facebook algorithm works means that you can reach a lot more people if you start a group attract your most engaged audience. This is because Facebook only shows your content to a fraction of the people that have liked your page. For example if you have 4000 likes you will only reach around 250 people with your organic posts. Creating a group allows you to reach all the people inside the group, rapidly increasing your engagement and helping you to achieve better results with your marketing.
  2. Create content that makes the audience want to share – This is a fairly simple point. Create content that is highly compelling, even polarising to the extent that it makes the person wants to share you content with their friends and family. This is one way you can really start increasing the reach of your page.
  3. Optimise your content with stunning, contrasting images – Compelling images make people click stuff. This has been proven time and time again. In fact the official statistics for Facebook is that 80% of your results from your posts are a direct reflection of the image you shared on that post. Switching an image can make all the difference. Images with high contrast tend to do very well on Facebook.

Here is an informative video I came across that covers some fresh ways to increase your organic traffic to your business page on Facebook:

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