How To Leverage Social Media to Find Influencers

leveraging social media to find influencers

Influencer marketing provides awesome opportunities to businesses in practically any type of industry. Influencers are the people you want to make friends with in your industry. They’re the bloggers and business owners with huge audiences.

People listen to what they have to say. One of the first prerequisites that must be met when it comes to influencers is their audience.

Does their audience match yours?

You want to build a relationship with influencers that operate in the same space that you do. Why? Because it almost guarantee’s that you’ll be speaking to the type of people you want to attract to your business when you have the opportunity to leverage an influencer’s audience.

There are several ways of finding suitable influencers in your industry. Social media is one excellent way of locating these wonderful people.

Here are five popular tools and ways you can find the top influencers in your industry.


Buzzsumo is a powerful online tool that helps you find the most popular content on any given topic or keyword. You simply enter a query into the search box and it’ll display the most popular posts for your topic.

Buzzsumo also has an influencer and outreach section that you can use. This tool helps you discover, follow and contact influencers in your industry. You can sort influencers by things domain authority, average retweets, relevancy and much more.

When searching for influencers, social media stats like number of followers shouldn’t be what you’re looking out for. These stats can be easily faked by buying followers. There are other ways to find the real influencers in the industry.


Thousands of businesses use the Mozbar to help them with their search engine optimisation. The Mozbar is a chrome plugin that can be easily added to your browser and used to view useful information on the websites you visit.

The Mozbar displays powerful SEO statistics that can be used to improve your site’s position in the major search engines.

The Mozbar is one of the best ways to find out the true authority of a domain. A blogger with a high DA (Domain Authority) could indicate that he/she maintains powerful rankings in the search engines. the DA metric shows you the true influence of a website.

A backlink from a high DA website will have a much higher impact than a backlink from a site with a lower DA.

Moz also has a link analysis tool that can be used to dig deeper into the backlink profiles of any website. However, their crawler is comparatively poor compared with other tools out there. In simple terms, it doesn’t pickup anywhere


Buzzstream is a tool that enables you to build up a list of key influencers and nurture relationships with them. You can use the tool to track your connections with the people you want to connect with.

It’s a great tool that you can use to build up your list of contacts as you browse the web and come across powerful, authoritative websites in your industry.

Buzzstream provides a great amount of information about influencers in your industry. This includes things like email address, phone numbers and even physical address details.

Another nice little touch with buzz stream is that they provide the Moz domain metrics for each website you analyse through their tool. This provides key information that will help you determine whether a domain is worth pursuing for a relevant link back to your website.


Ahrefs is primarily a link analysis tool and a comprehensive one at that. But they also have a feature called Content Explorer. This tool reveals the most popular content on any given topic for a domain you’re analysing.

It ranks the most popular articles based on backlinks and social shares generated. This is great for giving you content creation ideas for your website. Why? Because it shows similar content that has proven very popular with audiences for your competitors.

Ahrefs additionally has an SEO toolbar that is similar to the Mozbar. It helps you determine the authority of a domain and influence of any domain you visit.

Hey Press

Hey Press is a service that is perfectly suited for businesses in the tech sector. Here, you can find details or tech journalists from organisations like The Guardian, Tech Crunch and

If you specify your tech niche, Hey Press returns a list of journalists that have recently written an article on that topic. It even links to their articles you can check out their writing style.

Hey Press provides the contact details for all kinds of journalists in the tech sector. On their free plan you can find up to two journalists per search but it doesn’t show their contact details. Definitely, one that’s worth utilising on the paid plan if you want quick and easy access to journalists in this sector.


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