On Branding, Affiliate Marketing and Passive Income

The affiliate marketing websites of yesteryear were thin, spammy websites that produced little to no value for the consumer. They were created with one goal in mind – to make as much money as possible in as little time as possible.

Fortunately for us, Google has weeded out most of these websites through upgrading their ranking algorithm.

The successful affiliate marketers of today are doing things avery differently. So much so that the majority of people wouldn’t recognise these businesses as affiliates. Why? Because they have an established brand, they have authority, and they lead with outstanding content that genuinely helps people.

The affiliate’s of today provide a ton of value for their readers and subscribers. They go above and beyond to research, produce and publish pieces of content solve problems for people all over the world.

Authority and branding is the name of the game now. And it’s resulted in affiliates earning incredible incomes from their blogs. Many people are still under the illusion that blogs are hobbies and don’t actually make any money. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

An authority website can generate six figures a month in profits with the perfect mix of content, branding and authority. Affiliate marketing aside, many blog owners end up creating their own line of courses that they sell to their loyal subscribers. This is even more lucrative than affiliate marketing, although it takes quite a lot of work.

Affiliate marketing and passive income

passive income

Affiliate marketing is one best business models when it comes to creating a system that can be entirely hands-off. It’s by no means the only method of earning passive income, take consulting for example. Many people have started successful consulting businesses online but this involves taking out and handling clients. Something that isn’t as hands-off as affiliate marketing.

Website running on the affiliate model are able to generate an income by referring relevant prodcuts and services to their readers. This can be done in many ways such as direct links or email promotions.

Affiliate marketing is just one example of many passive income ideas that people have used to create residual income for themselves.

Let’s have a look at what it takes to build a successful affiliate marketing website in 2017:


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